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Stay open, stay connected, stay safe

We protect you against cyberattacks, secure your data, and ensure compliance.


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Security has never mattered more

Cyberattacks are growing more frequent, more damaging, and more expensive. Inaction isn’t an option.

  • Hackers can access systems quickly, but detection is often slow

  • 30% of employees open attack emails, while 10% click on links or attachments

  • An estimated 58% of employees share information unwittingly

  • 63% of data breaches involve default, stolen, or weak credentials

  • Recovery costs can threaten even the most robust organisations

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Protection that works

Microsoft 365 includes a host of tools that ensure security, privacy, and compliance.

  • Dangerous links and attachments are automatically neutralised

  • Multi-factor authentication strengthens password protection

  • Encryption protects documents and devices against unauthorised access

  • Lost or stolen devices can be tracked and wiped remotely

  • Built-in compliance features ensure you always meet requirements

An expert, tailored solution

Take advantage of Datacom’s market-leading expertise to develop a security and compliance programme that meets the needs of your organisation.


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Office 365 Security Assessment

Optimise Office 365 security for your organisation:

  • Identify security objectives
  • Learn how to balance security and productivity
  • Activate appropriate Office 365 security features

Ransomware Assessment

Protect against software that locks you out of your IT:

  • Identify security gaps related to ransomware attacks
  • Activate appropriate security features
  • Develop a roadmap and a remediation plan

Shadow IT Assessment

Eliminate unauthorised IT from your organisation:

  • Get insight on cloud usage, security objectives, and requirements
  • Mitigate threats with Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Develop a cloud visibility and control roadmap

Some organisations we've protected

  • Auckland Airport 2
  • Kensington Swan
  • St John 2
  • Pinnacle 2
  • UDC
  • TVNZ 2
  • TNZ 2
  • Gallagher