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Do more for less

We help you get simpler, more effective IT that saves time and money.


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Lighten the load

Modernise your desktop environment and ditch old-fashioned ways of working.

  • Work seamlessly across devices

  • Simplify and speed up provisioning and updates

  • Retire old hardware and lower maintenance costs

  • Increase self-service and automation, reducing help desk calls

  • Focus on IT innovation rather than troubleshooting

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Discover superior tools

Drive productivity with Windows 10 and the latest Microsoft 365 tools.

  • User-friendly interfaces make day-to-day work easier

  • Fully integrated cloud-based apps mean you’re always up-to-date

  • Built-in privacy and security features protect your devices and data

  • Better analytics mean fewer system outages

Results matter

A modern desktop yields measurable results.

  • Create 1.5 hours per week of productive time outside the office

  • Save as much as 2.5 hours per device on provisioning

  • Reduce help desk calls by 20%

  • Lower the risk of a security breach by 40%

  • Cut application testing time by 70%


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Get the right package

Develop a modern desktop with our leading packages.


Modern Desktop Assessment

Plan a modern desktop to suit your organisation:

  • Assess your current environment and set goals for change
  • Record and formalise information gathered
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan

Modern User Experience

Modernise user experiences in your organisation:

  • Identify how devices and apps are used currently
  • Develop personas based on user journeys
  • Produce a Roadmap for transforming user experiences

Some desktops we've streamlined

  • Auckland Airport 2
  • Kensington Swan
  • St John 2
  • Pinnacle 2
  • UDC
  • TVNZ 2
  • TNZ 2
  • Gallagher