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Engage your people

Our leading adoption and training programmes ensure the perfect rollout and foster ongoing expertise.


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Dealing with real issues

Modern adoption addresses pressing but often overlooked blocks to workplace success.

  • 75% of employees say they don’t have access to adequate tools

  • Equally, people are often indifferent or hostile to change

  • Organisations tend to invest heavily in tools but underinvest in implementation

  • It’s hard to monitor and drive uptake, and to ensure ongoing support

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Uniting people and tech

A winning workplace comes when the best people are using the best tools with enthusiasm and expertise. Datacom Modern Workplace helps you:

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities presented by new technology

  • Create awareness campaigns and training programmes to drive expertise

  • Cultivate rollout champions to ensure buy-in

  • Establish well-defined goals to assess progress

  • Develop training programmes to ensure ongoing success


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Achieving real results

Adoption is about making a cultural shift, but it’s also about the results that come from that shift. When modern adoption processes are in place:

  • Organisations are three and a half times more likely to outperform competitors

  • Projects are six times more likely to meet objectives

  • New initiatives deliver 143% return on investment

  • Productivity increases by 21% thanks to improved employee engagement


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Get the right package

Experience modern adoption with our leading packages.


Microsoft 365 Adoption Plan

Understand and get the most out of Microsoft 365:

  • Examine existing environment and set goals
  • Engage users to create personas and scenarios
  • Create a comprehensive rollout plan

Change Champions Intensive

Cultivate Microsoft 365 experts within your team:

  • Identify team members to lead the rollout
  • Engage with and train your change champions
  • Experience ongoing support that ensures success

Some adoption experts

  • Auckland Airport 2
  • Kensington Swan
  • St John 2
  • Pinnacle 2
  • UDC
  • TVNZ 2
  • TNZ 2
  • Gallagher