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Transitioning to the Modern Workplace

The way organisations work is changing, and so are the systems and tools we use. Decision-makers know that a failure to keep pace brings significant drawbacks. 80% think that a lack of modernisation will negatively affect long-term growth, while more than 85% think that a modern workplace is key to attracting the best employees.[1]


The Demand for Flexibility

Today’s employees want to work from a variety of devices, anywhere and anytime. This requires a set of tools that promote collaboration and productivity, while ensuring security. Datacom Modern Workplace offers the solutions you need to modernise your organisation, so you stay relevant and competitive.

Working from Any Device

The computing power of the traditional PC now fits in the palm of one hand. This means it is possible to work effectively and productively from a phone or tablet, eliminating the need for laptops, and rendering PCs all but obsolete.

Employees want to work from their own devices, on their own terms. The modern workplace ensures that work across multiple devices is simple and secure.

Working Anywhere

Thanks to mobile devices and fast wireless internet, being shackled to the office is a thing of the past. The modern workplace supports offsite work, whether an employee is at a meeting, on the road, or checking in from home.

Working Anytime

We used to work from nine to five, perhaps staying later to meet a deadline. But the working day has changed. Employees now need to stay connected outside conventional working hours, particularly if dealing with co-workers or customers in different zones.

Employees themselves want greater flexibility, allowing them to see to personal matters as these arise and to maintain a healthy work–life balance. The modern workplace supports such flexibility.


The Challenges of Transitioning

The flexibility of the modern workplace offers opportunities but also raises questions. How do you maintain high productivity with roving team members? How do you ensure security across diverse devices? How do you encourage teamwork across distance? And how do you ensure successful adoption of unfamiliar systems and tools?

Datacom Modern Workplace is here to help. We use the latest Microsoft 365 software tools to ensure that the move to the modern workplace is easy, successful, and even fun.


We ensure that employees working remotely retain access to the same resources they’d otherwise enjoy in the office. The productivity of your organisation increases, both because your team members are using smarter tools, and because they can work whenever and wherever makes the most sense.[2]

Security and Privacy

With employees potentially carrying sensitive information, it’s more important than ever for IT teams to provide a high level of security. We ensure that the leading protection offered by Microsoft 365 is used effectively, so that your privacy and that of your team members is safeguarded.


Teamwork is a major aspect of the modern workplace. We ensure that collaboration and communication are simple and secure, whether employees are working on the same document from different locations or conducting a meeting via satellite.


New tools are only worthwhile if team members can use them well. We provide you with a comprehensive adoption plan, ensuring that your whole team embraces and feels empowered by the modernisation process.


Experience and Expertise

Microsoft 365 is the benchmark for organisations seeking a comprehensive, integrated, and adaptable suite of products. Datacom Modern Workplace provides the experience and expertise needed to ensure that you make the most of the tools on offer.

We are here to guide you through every step in the transition process. We see to it that your workplace is set up correctly, optimised for your organisation, and maximally secure. We ensure that your employees do not feel like anxious bystanders but are invested in the process—excited to be part of the change.


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