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Simplifying IT in the Modern Workplace

Muddled or overly complex IT infrastructure is a major block to the success of an organisation, inhibiting productivity by being difficult to manage and by threatening security.[1]

There’s no need for your organisation to suffer these issues. Datacom Modern Workplace puts a truly modern and secure IT system within reach, working across PCs, mobile devices, on-premise apps, and cloud services.

Datacom Modern Workplace uses Microsoft 365, including Windows 10, a fully-integrated software platform that doesn’t just simplify IT, but also makes it smarter and more powerful.

Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving, with updates improving the user experience over time. Always aimed at creating the best products, the updates are designed to empower users while protecting assets.

Recent innovations in the modern workplace include: the modern desktop, solutions for kiosk devices, streamlined (and low-cost) device management, integrated administration, and built-in compliance.


The Modern Desktop

The modern desktop encompasses multiple devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is user- and organisation-owned, updated automatically, and self-service, centring on a fully-integrated cloud-based platform with software as a service (SaaS).

Powered by Windows 10 and Office 365, the modern desktop provides users with the best possible experience day-to-day and helps IT teams manage devices and apps more effectively and efficiently, significantly reducing costs.[2]


Kiosk Device Solutions

Kiosk devices are often the first things that customers see, whether they are used by consumers directly or by firstline workers. IT teams need simpler processes to manage and configure these devices.

Windows 10 can now be used to manage kiosk devices via Microsoft Intune, in both single and multi-app scenarios. Extended capabilities include Kiosk Browser, which is designed to deliver reliable, tailored browsing experiences.


Streamlined Device Management

The modern workplace simplifies management of desktop images using Windows AutoPilot. An enrolment status feature allows IT teams to make sure that relevant policies, settings, and applications are ready on a device before an end user picks it up.

With this enhancement, device management is as easy as turning on a new device, entering the credentials and waiting for the relevant configuration from the cloud. Thanks to AutoPilot, every device is fully secure and compliant before it ever gets used.


Integrated Administration

Integrated cloud services are aimed at simplifying the way organisations work and providing a great experience for end users across all sorts of different devices, apps, and services.

The Microsoft 365 admin center provides an intuitive set of management tools that work across the platform. For organisations that already use Office 365, IT teams will now have access to a simplified admin experience across all existing Microsoft services.


Built-in Compliance

Managing a large organisation can be difficult and even overwhelming, particularly when it comes to compliance. Microsoft 365 now has built-in compliance capabilities to assist with a wide range of regulations, including classification, retention, and disposal of data.

These features are designed to reduce the complexities associated with compliance workflows and are centralised in the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center.[3] This hub is integrated with Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Azure Active Directory, allowing data to be imported across cloud services.

Some of the new features recently added to the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center include:

  • Privileged Access Management, which makes it possible to avoid standing admin privilege via ‘just-in-time access’ for certain tasks.
  • Multi-Geo Capabilities that provide control over where data is kept, tailored to an organisation’s data location and compliance needs.
  • Advanced Data Governance capabilities for event-based retention.


Taking the Next Step

Capabilities such as these are set to have a major impact on the way organisations perform. You can start modernising your workplace by doing the following:

  • Upgrade to a modern desktop in anticipation of support for older versions of Windows and Office ending.
  • Enrol in Windows Analytics in order to plan for future upgrades.
  • Execute deployment via Windows AutoPilot.
  • Become familiar with the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • Utilise the Security & Compliance Center, as well as Compliance Manager to track controls.

Datacom Modern Workplace is here to assist you with the transition to the modern workplace. As a leader in IT for the Asia-Pacific region, we understand the benefits of simplifying IT, and are well-equipped to guide you through the process.


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