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Employees and Teams in the Modern Workplace

Organisations today must be highly flexible, responding and adapting to new technologies and ways of working, as well as the changing demands of customers and stakeholders.

The ability to navigate change ultimately depends on people. If your organisation is to succeed, your employees must be engaged and your teams must be strong.

In this article, we’ll look at the characteristics of engaged employees and strong teams, and ask what your organisation can do to support them.


Engaged employees

Engagement at the level of the individual employee is essential to unlocking the potential of your organisation. Engaged employees:

  • Work proactively—they seek out opportunities for personal and organisational growth, and actively promote the organisation’s products and services.
  • Go above and beyond—they embrace challenges and problem-solving, and work smarter as well as harder.
  • Work and grow together—they are inclusive and innovative, promote the free flow of ideas and knowledge.
  • Align with the organisation—they understand and support the company vision, values and goals.


Employee engagement 2


Strong teams

Some teams are formal, based on functions or projects, while others are more organic. All good teams promote communication and collaboration. They help members:

  • Function in the organisation—they promote better understanding of an organisation’s messages, policies, and procedures.
  • Fulfil job requirements—they allow work to be shared around with tasks delegated to the most appropriate people.
  • Develop new skills—they bring together people with different experiences and areas of expertise.
  • Feel a sense of belonging—they foster sociability, celebrate successes and tell ‘our stories’, and provide space for fun.


Team functions 2


What can your organisation do?

A key to success today, is the development of a connected workplace, one that empowers individuals to work remotely and on-the-go, while facilitating communication and collaboration.

Datacom Modern Workplace uses leading Microsoft tools—such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and PowerApps—to help you develop an evolving workplace that drives innovation and productivity.

We work with your organisation to develop a stronger culture of independence and teamwork, strengthening individuals, the communities they belong to, and ultimately your organisation.

Learn more about developing a connected workplace.

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