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Matt Swain

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Employees and Teams in the Modern Workplace

Organisations today must be highly flexible, responding and adapting to new technologies and ways of working, as well as the changing demands of customers and stakeholders.
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Simplifying IT in the Modern Workplace

Muddled or overly complex IT infrastructure is a major block to the success of an organisation, inhibiting productivity by being difficult to manage and by threatening security.[1]
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Transitioning to the Modern Workplace

The way organisations work is changing, and so are the systems and tools we use. Decision-makers know that a failure to keep pace brings significant drawbacks. 80% think that a lack of modernisation will negatively affect long-term growth, while more than 85% think that a modern workplace is key to ...
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Four Key Challenges of the Modern Workplace

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some dramatic changes in workplaces around the world. The traditional nine-to-five office has been replaced by a flexible, interactive environment where creativity is encouraged, aesthetic design is demanded, and superior productivity is vital.
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