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Embrace new ways of working

From connecting your people to safeguarding your knowledge, Datacom Modern Workplace is here to help you work better than ever before.


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Get ahead of the competition

Traditional ways of working are no longer enough.

  • Get the best technology to attract and keep talent

  • Work from any location on any device

  • Encourage teamwork to drive innovation

  • Get things done faster, smarter, and more securely

  • Empower your team and make change work


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What is the modern workplace?

Learn about the four key areas of the modern workplace and find out how embracing digital evolution can help your organisation.


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Discover the key areas of Datacom Modern Workplace and find the package to suit you.

Connected Workplace

Connected Workplace

Help your team members work together no matter where they are.

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Modern Desktop

Get a simpler, more effective IT system that saves you time and money.

Secure Workplace

Secure Workplace

Fight cyberattacks, safeguard your knowledge, and stay compliant.

Modern Adoption

Modern Adoption

Maximise engagement and expertise with leading adoption and training.

Connection is the future

Datacom Modern Workplace uses Microsoft Teams to enhance communication and collaboration between your people, driving productivity and innovation.

Work on the go

Say goodbye to the office. Tap into Teams anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Promote teamwork

Share and collaborate on documents using fully integrated Office 365 apps.

Stay in touch

Chat, call, and meet with ease, and stop taking minutes.

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An expert by your side

Datacom has been delivering the best IT systems for over 50 years. Our team works with you to identify and implement the solution that’s right for you.


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Employees and Teams in the Modern Workplace

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Simplifying IT in the Modern Workplace

Simplifying IT in the Modern Workplace

Muddled or overly complex IT infrastructure is a major block to the success of an organisation, inhibiting productivity by being difficult to manage and by threatening security.[1]

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Transitioning to the Modern Workplace

Transitioning to the Modern Workplace

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