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Datacom's Trans-Tasman Network

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Manage your connections to deliver a consistent network experience.
Datacom’s trans-Tasman Network provides a secure, carrier diverse network for accessing digital assets and public cloud resources across Australia and New Zealand. With guaranteed availability and throughput it delivers a robust infrastructure that can cater to any company, from small business to multi-national.
Network latency over the internet will always vary, given data routes are constantly changing between points. Using our trans-Tasman Network means you can choose which data uses which dedicated connection and how that data is routed – to ensure a more consistent network experience for your users. It also means greater transparency, less network complexity and lower costs.
Almost every aspect of a customer’s IT infrastructure can be customised, producing scalable solutions, in both speed and storage. The network provides industry leading reliability and security, while adhering to state data localisation laws.

Key Datacom Data Centre Network Benefits

Carrier diverse


Customers can choose to ensure a more consistent network experience for users, no matter where they are. This provides the flexibility, scalability and redundancy modern customers require, including within their own hybrid environments.


Scalable 10 GB Network


Offering multiple bandwidth options with burst capabilities to accommodate peak traffic volumes. Customers can scale up and down as needed without having to maintain constant peak-level capacity and expenditure, reducing costs.

Fully redundant connectivity


Capable of surviving disaster recovery events, with access to additional Datacom services, including core and edge switching, internet services and firewalls.

The Datacom Data Centre Network

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Additional Features

  • Diverse DDOS protected hand-off for secure and fast internet
  • Interstate trans-Tasman data centre capacity for  productions/disaster recovery setup in AU
  • Inter-island data centre capacity for  productions/disaster recovery setup in NZ
  • Direct public cloud connectivity with enhanced service orchestration and management capabilities to boost system and application performance 
  • Operate over various locations with high availability and resilience
  • On net provisioning upgrades within hours, not days.
  • Increased security by keeping applications within your data centre’s local area network
  • Maintain network separation between public and private environments and reconfigure virtual interfaces with ease as your needs change
  • Improved performance of cloud-based applications and workloads through high-throughput, low-latency onsite connections
  • Ability to pay a single monthly bill for site-to-site connectivity on a per Mbps basis.

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