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Specialised services to suit your specific needs

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We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the same high level of availability, security, sustainability and service to all our customers in customisable and flexible packages that suit their various needs. 

Regardless of your size, industry certification requirements, operating models or changing needs, we work with you to tailor a solution that will deliver you the very best results both now and into the future.


Trained and qualified to meet Government standards, our security cleared technicians and local operational team will work to ensure your sensitive information and systems are protected and secured. Combined with facilities built to satisfy stringent Government requirements, we can minimise your risks by providing you with assured service uptime and scalability to support your changing needs. Leverage cloud and network solutions, as well as Government tailored Datacom service offerings, without the need to contract numerous service agents.

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Financial Services

Access secure, reliable and compliant data centre solutions across multiple locations with ease.  Leverage our technical capability to reduce the risks of security breaches and potential outages while still maintaining control and access to your critical information and IT assets. PCI compliant and GDPR certified, we are experienced and able to ensure your customers' financially sensitive information is accessible and secure.


As an experienced and long standing data centre provider, we have the scope and experience to partner with you as an extension of your certifications and service offering. We understand that outages are not an option for you and numerous customers, so will never ask you and do everything we can to minimise this risk for you. Owning and operating our own centres, we can provide you with the high density power, coiling and cabling you require, while still ensuring you have flexibility to scale up or down as required.  We provide enhanced security, space surety and supplier neutrality, as well as transparency and real-time access, so we are able to respond to your changing needs quickly  in a way that aligns with your delivery models. 

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The perfect extension to your team and service offering, we absorb the risks and costs associated with digital asset management, providing specialised technicians to support you and your customers directly as required. We have existing structured cabling systems in place which enable our on-site staff to connect our customers to your network services quickly and easily. We have secure storage and stock holding onsite at your disposal and the flexibility to support rack expansions without cost duplication. Able to match your delivery timelines we maintain complete system separation from Datacom ensuring customer confidentiality. Ask us about our reseller rebate scheme!


Regardless of your size, budget or changing requirements, you are able to access the very best data centre services, with product and pricing plans appropriate to your organisation. We offer quarter, half or full racks to ensure you are able to minimise your security and investment risks, while delivering the best technical and infrastructure systems available. A fully bundled and comprehensive product offering, we can guarantee there will be no billing surprises. We can look after your digital assets, so you gain the flexibility and capacity to grow and transform your business for digital success.

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