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Our New Zealand  Data Centres

We own, manage and operate our New Zealand data centres in their entirety, ensuring you full visibility and complete confidence in our services and capability 

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    Our seamless network of data centres run in collaboration with each other but independently from Datacom, so we can guarantee and commit to a neutral ecosystem of IT services, providing you with the fullest choice available.

    No other data centres in New Zealand have our level of certification. The independent ratings we have achieved put our data centres in the top tier of facilities worldwide for the effectiveness of our management and operational service.

    Our  four New Zealand sites have been specifically chosen to provide optimal access and security; allowing us to cater to the specifications you require. They deliver a seamless service offering, with processes, layout, operations and management all aligned to ensure consistency and high quality solutions, regardless of where you are.

    With a focus on availability, we are able to update our supporting systems without outages to our customers. Combined with the highest density specification in New Zealand, and the ability to make our own decisions, we can and choose to easily adapt to deliver whatever you require of us.


    Datacom Data Centre Auckland

    Welcome to Orbit, New Zealand’s most highly regarded data centre.

    Servicing over 200 customers (November 2019) and located on Auckland’s North Shore, Orbit is well placed to support New Zealand’s largest population and businesses. The location is geologically stable and flood free with excellent access via Auckland’s motorway system.

    Orbit established new bench marks in innovation, using outdoor air as part of its design which significantly reduces energy use and cost to customers. With New Zealand’s most certified data centre for management effectiveness and operational practices, we are able to provide assurance of the lowest possible business risk available.

    Our combination of attention to detail and excellent service delivery ensures you can be confident your digital assets are in safe hands.

    Orbit Technical Specifications

    Datacom Data Centre Hamilton 

    Sister to Orbit and providing services to 175 customers (November 2019), Kapua (Maori for cloud) is Datacom’s most expandable data centre and capable of meeting the requirements of cloud computing organisations.

     The geography within which Kapua is situated is by the very nature of its inland location, the best-connected city (road, rail, power, data) in New Zealand - ideal for a data centre. Kapua is easily reached for IT warehousing typically located around Auckland Airport, meaning that at any time of day or night you can expect servicemen to be able to get IT spares and get these to the facility promptly.

     On Hamilton’s northern fringe, in Te Rapa, Kapua is 130km from Orbit, meeting DR separation requirements, whilst still supporting Active/Active business and mission critical applications.

    Kapua Technical Specifications

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    Datacom Data Centre Wellington 

    A long-standing and highly regarded data centre for its CBD location and highly connected to networks, Abel is conveniently located  in central Wellington, providing leading edge data solutions and flexibility to some of our largest financial institutions and government agencies. 

     Abel has been earthquake-strengthened, evidenced by coming through the 2017 Kaikoura earthquake undamaged. We continue to invest in our facilities and the supporting infrastructure of the Abel has been refreshed, taking it to Rated 3 Standard.

     With an emphasis on batch processing and systems monitoring expertise, you can be assured you data is secure and protected.

    Abel Technical Specifications

    Datacom Data Centre Christchurch 

    Our Gloucester facility survived the catastrophic earthquake of 2011. It continued to provide essential IT services through the event, with no outages in the weeks following and continues to do today.

    Gloucester is very well connected (networks), located on the fringe of Christchurch’s CBD, and ideally placed to support the South Islands primary and tourist industries.

    It like Abel has been earthquake-strengthened and the supporting infrastructure refreshed to elevate the data centre to Rated 3 standard. Its robust design, seismic bracing and backup power systems provide you with the highest level of service and no expected outages or downtime.

    Gloucester Technical Specifications

    Building outside November 2016 (002)

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