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Our Australian Data Centres

Delivering exceptional data centre services in Australia's premier dat a centres 

Datacom offers data centre hosting and colocation services in AirTrunk’s world-class SYD1 and MEL1. 


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    Providing a secure and scalable data centre for your digital assets. 

        Datacom’s renowned technical support, scalable solutions and
           customer service, combined with AirTrunk’s secure and reliable
    data centres, mean we are fully equipped and experienced to
                                                         manage your vital data and infrastructure needs.   

    A regional solution, we offer both state-to-state and trans-Tasman interconnectivity via our dedicated network. With direct onsite connections to the major public cloud providers, we are uniquely positioned to accommodate your specific business needs. 


    We know that transitioning can be difficult and expensive.
    Let us help ease the stress and cost for you.

    Find out how to get three months’ free rack rental when you move in.

    Contact us to chat about your specific needs

    Datacom's Australian Data Centre Service Offering


    Secure and separate 'facility within a facility', with our own offices, security entrances, processes and quality controls.


    Usage-based charging, ensuring you only pay for the power and services you use, without the risk, added expense or need to estimate your consumption.


    Flexible contracts that don't tie you down and allow you to scale your requirements as and when you choose, depending on your specific and changing needs.


    Dedicated on-floor technicians who provide full 'remote hands' support 24/7. From migration to rack maintenance and reporting, our highly qualified team are qualified to meet all your data centre service requirements.


    Carrier and supplier neutral solutions, providing you with the choice and control to partner with who you choose.

    Au-Nz (002)
     Access to our trans-Tasman Network, which provides seamless interconnection between all of Datacom's New Zealand and Australian data centres.


    AirTrunk Facilities

    SYD1 (Sydney West)


    Australia’s largest hyperscale data centre (by megawatts)

    SYD1 Technical Specifications

    MEL1 (Melbourne)

    AirTrunk Melbourne Photos_AirTrunk-171114-2-Edit-1-1-2-1

    Victoria’s largest hyperscale data centre (by megawatts)

    MEL1 Technical Specifications

    AirTrunk’s state-of-the-art data centres are built to meet the demands of the world’s largest public cloud providers with 100% reliability and the most stringent levels of security backed by industry-leading certifications.

    Through Datacom's customisable plans and dedicated on-site data halls, you too can have access to these world-class facilities.

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