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About Datacom Data Centres

We are committed and driven to support our customers by ensuring their most critical assets and systems are secure.

The right balance of experience, expertise and care 

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Why Datacom Data Centres?

With over 30 years' experience in the provision of data centres, we are committed, passionate and have heavily invested to deliver solutions that meet our customers' bespoke and changing needs. 
We own, design, build, manage and operate all four of our New Zealand centres, in addition to offering co-location facilities with AirTrunk in Australia. With the ability and control to make the decisions, we ensure our customers receive exceptional service and leading data centre expertise that meet all your needs.
We live and work in the communities in which our data centres operate and are confident our facilities can deliver everything that you ask of them, both now and into the future.
We like to call it the Datacom difference. 


Key Datacom Data Centre Benefits

Always on service availability


  • Complete focus on services availability
  • Service levels commensurate with a Tier 4 data centre
  • Access to your systems at the data centre 24x7

Flexible and scalable solutions 


  • Solutions that match your organisation needs
  • Contracts that provide flexibility to change your demand

Competitive pricing


  • Charging methodology that matches your actual usage
  • Eliminates the need for you to pre-judge what you might need thereby reducing contract commitment risk
  • Energy efficient facilities that reduce your energy cost

Supplier neutral


  • Commitment to neutrality for the lifetime of our data centres
  • Telco, service provider and cloud neutral providing our customers with choice and enabling then to maintain cost competiveness between suppliers, and to be able to change

Robust and secure facilities


  • Robust physical security matched with security processes design to ensure your data is safe guarded
  • Electronically locked racks provide customers with the ability to restrict access down to rack level, get access reports and [soon] alerts on rack doors opened
  • Meet ISO27001 and government security standards

Experienced on-site technicians


  • 24x7 people on-site that can support you when support is most needed
  • Technicians at the data centres can undertake installations and data cabling for you—eliminating the cost of sending people to the data centre

What does this mean for you?

The best of both worlds - while we sit under the Datacom umbrella and can therefore provide all our customers with an incredible and comprehensive integrated IT service offering portfolio to choose from, our data centres are completely separate, which guarantees complete operating independence and security.

We understand how important what we do is for you, as a business and for your customers, so will never ask you for a scheduled outage.

With the ability and scale to invest, we work to ensure you have access to the best availability, security, sustainable and service solutions a data centre can provide. No matter your size or business requirements, we partner with you to customise a flexible and scalable solution that supports and enables you to do what you do best.  

An expert by your side

Datacom has been delivering the best IT systems for over 50 years. Our team works with you to identify and implement the solution that’s right for you.

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