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Datacom's Enabling Services

 Enabling Services Diagram


What is it?

  • Datacom’s Azure Expert MSP platform delivers a standardised, secure, certified platform that is backed up with skilled resources delivering a full environment Managed Service.
  • It delivers a highly automated and scalable managed solution for both IaaS and PaaS environments.

Why is it Important?

  • Many organisations are feeling a disconnect between the benefits of the public cloud and the management and security concerns with cloud. This often results in reduced innovation and agility, affecting an organisations ability to differentiate.

Output and Benefits:

  • It allows organisations to be secure with hybrid cloud, benefiting from the scale, security and expert skill-sets available via Datacom’s managed platform which is designed to meet their business and development needs.

How do we Deliver it?

  • Datacom’s public cloud support model is premised on the concept of enabling services for cloud. The role of enabling services is to provide a consistent, governed and endorsed “best practice” managed cloud environment.
  • The basic premise is that no matter what occurs in the cloud environment, be it network, infrastructure, platform or software as a service, the following principles will apply:
    • Secure – cloud platform actions logged and controls in place.
    • Auditable – who is doing what and are they allowed to do what they’re trying to do.
    • Compliant – is everything protected, does it comply to cost and finance allocation policies.
    • Transparent & Unhindered – are developers / users enabled to utilise public cloud in the way intended without being constrained by undue process and approval layers.
    • ITIL aligned – ensure all ITIL configuration, change and release processes still occur
    • Consistent – Ensure consistency across development, testing and production environments, and customers in line with cloud principles.

Enabling Services Layout Diagram


The following high-level controls are available in an Enabling Services tenancy:

  • Least privileged access for users and computers leveraging Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Separation of environments (via accounts, such as dev, test, prod)
  • Just-in-time access for controlled (‘change managed’) environments
  • Centre for Internet Security (CIS) Level 1 hardened operating systems
  • Patching of operating systems
  • Operating system-based anti-virus, intrusion detection/prevention system
  • Cost management and optimisation services (additional service)
  • Configuration management of all operating systems
  • Encryption at rest where supported
  • Tagging standards


Enabling services is a consumption-based service.


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