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Guided delivery of tailored, best-practice cloud environment

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Cloud Catalyst Foundations

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What is it?

  • An agile, sprint-based delivery approach, designed to implement best-practice, well governed and secure Cloud environments
  • Utilising an agile sprint planning methodology, work items are identified, refined and prioritised in a backlog that focuses on delivering best practice Cloud environments at pace

Why is it Important?

  • Organisations, and their many stakeholders demand confidence that their Cloud environments are secure and implemented based upon best-practice
  • The Cloud Catalyst Foundations, building on the minimum viable Cloud environment delivered in the Cloud Catalyst workshops, delivers Cloud outcomes quickly and highlights the benefits of Microsoft Azure services

Outputs and Benefits

  • Provision base Cloud environments on which organisations can build out their cloud presence quickly with connectivity, security and identity services
  • Set up governance, monitoring, business continuity, scaling and administration frameworks to effectively manage, monitor and maintain your cloud platform
  • Migrate and transform to the cloud as identified during the sprint planning
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